Wednesday, September 15, 2004

So I know my posting has been slacking a little. I've been busy, what with the county fairs and the singing and the apartment-cleaning and some very occasional TV-watching. Last night I got to see former local boy Ari Vais on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He was great, kind of nervous and flustered and talkative, yet well-spoken; the perfect kind of guy for the queer guys to play off of. The part after the queer guys leave and he puts the meal together is particularly hilarious. The "event" at the end of the "day" was a big show for his band, The Pelicans, after which he got some advice from a record label guy and a Rolling Stone writer. The advice was "write stronger material" and "look at the audience more." Okay! He's all set then. You can read a recap of the show here.

And local folks - including not-local-anymore folks such as Lord Russ and Ari (screen name: OhDee) himself, are talking about the show on Soundboard.

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