Thursday, September 16, 2004

Okay. Here are an unprecedented TEN photos this time, of the Franklin County Fair last weekend. And yes, I know the Big E starts this weekend.

There was an entire building filled with prize-winning vegetables and flowers and baked goods (and many runners-up). This carrot won for Longest Carrot! And I got to see it with my own eyes!

As I mentioned there was a Baby Animal Barn. And so here is a genuine pig pile:

This poor lamb is suckling on a metal bolt! Don't feel too bad, his mom is just out of frame. This lamb is just stupid.

And there were also baby goats. Very cute. I like this photo a lot.

But not all of the animals got to just laze around! These little pigs are pro RACERS! And man, could these little guys move. They ran and dove and swam super fast. All to get a couple of cookies.

And then it was time to walk around the midway! The rides are fairly safe, but only if you always listen to Mr. Safety!

It looks so sane and calm when it's like this, in broad daylight, not groaning and creaking and whirling.

This one was pretty.

Here's a shot of the underside of a ride that resembles a giant roulette wheel. It turns and twirls around and up and down like a spun quarter.

You could also put little girls on a couple of bungee cords and send them into the air.

And that was my day at the fair!

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