Monday, August 01, 2005

I am here! I was at the lake for a week. I went swimming a bunch, and also kayaked, hiked up to a place called "Inspiration Point" (beautiful view, but no Fonzie), did some archery (arched?), made an enamel (copper and glass) pendant, rocked in rocking chairs on the porch, laid in the grass, looked at millions of stars, ate five ice cream cones, finished reading a book and most of a second, and completed both Monday and Tuesday's NYT crosswords by myself. I did Weds's with a friend but we had her smarty-pants boyfriend get the last three answers we could not get.

And here I am back in the city, where bums shit on the sidewalk and air conditioning units piss on your head. Not that I hate it here. It is still exciting. I guess I just wish I was back at Inspiration Point.

Have I mentioned lately how adorable my niece is? She was also at the lake. She's very, very cute. She now will count to ten: One, too, fee, foe, fie, sis, sehmen, aie, nie, ten. And she will ask for a hug (99% of the time, she's asking her mom) by holding out her arms and saying "hut? hut?" because she can't yet do a "g" sound. Man, she slays me.

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av said...

I'm glad you're back Debbie. I wonder what you are doing now. Are you thinking of me? Are you at home? I sure think about you a lot, Debbie. And wonder what you are doing. It's a good thing I'm in another state, or you would probaby get sick of me. Because I would want to see you, and look at you and see what you are doing. So I would come to your house and we could sit together and talk about life. And that would be very nice. Very, very nice. It would mean so much to me, Debbie. We could read a book together. We could be together all the time and never have to be apart, ever again. Your Friend, Creepy Girl

p.s. I was just joking around. I really couldn't give a fuck that you're back!

p.p.s. That was a joke too. I am glad you're back! But I'm very emotionally balanced about it.