Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My hair is completely out of my control. I've always kind of felt this way, but after cutting it myself a few days ago, I am realizing just how little power I wield over it. It's getting to the point where I have to put it in a ponytail or a bun nearly all of the time unless I want to look like an 80s-style headgear-wearing nerd. The hair trimming just made my triangle-head problem get even worse. I had to do it, though, because the hair was getting so long that I was getting ringlets - though I also get ringlets when my hair is short. I'd like to blame the humidity, but I'm not outside in un-conditioned air all that often.

You straight-haired people don't know what you're missing. Sigh.

No good Eye on Manhattans lately, though I did watch a guy feed a potato chip to a squirrel in Madison Square Park. It came right up and took it from his hand. Neat. I wonder if it's the same squirrel that tried to kill me with an acorn bullet a couple of months ago?


TB said...

I'm naturally curly also. I've never been able to grow my hair longer than shoulder length, and now it's super short. It is the best thing I ever did. I don't own a comb, or a blow dryer. It takes 5 minutes a two styling products and my hair is done. Seriously, don't fight the curl sister.

Anonymous said...

I have naturally wavy, very thick hair, and I am full member of the ponytail group. It takes two minutes, looks semi-professional, and manages the frizz. Not ideal for a 33 year old, but no matter what product I try, what technique I try, it looks the same, so why fight? I am not willing to spend an hour a day straightening it, or $400 3x a year for the Japanese straightening thing, so it's ponytail city for the summer, if not longer. Good luck, my curly friend.

av said...

Straightening your hair is really hard. It's a real pain and it takes awhile. But my god, is it heaven. I almost couldn't go back. But I just ran out of time. Also, make sure your room is cold when you're doin git, cause it gets pretty hot.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to speak out here for the fine, straight haired among us. Either extreme is a bad thing, let me tell you. My hair is baby fine and limp as a wet dishrag. In the humidity, it clings to my scalp like a swimcap. Nothing can be done to prop it up.

It's those bitches with the full hair with just a slight wave, just some decent body, that we can all hate together!