Thursday, August 11, 2005

Look at me, belting out some crazy shape-note tune! Look at how hard I bring the ROCK.
(Second row, middle one.)


av said...

Cutie! Hey, I like your necklace! Did you make it?

Thinking of you,

P.s. the joke again.

Annie said...

Longtime lurker. I love your blog.

And I LOVE your hair! They tried to get my hair to curl or at least be wavy for my friend's wedding. After almost three hours in the stylist's chair, the poor lady doing my hair said, "Oh my gosh. This is just not going to happen. Sorry."

debl said...

Av, I bought that necklace at a street fair in Brooklyn. I thought it was enamel on copper, but in fact I think it's nail polish (!) on copper. It was $20, I don't care.

And thanks, Annie! I am always amazed to discover that people I do not know read my blog. I clearly need to be a better blog-caretaker.

Brian said...

and check out gosh darn Dan Richardson! Yee!