Thursday, October 12, 2006

So, I was all excited for like a minute last night when I thought of a way or rearranging my furniture that would make it easier for me to do my art/crafty stuff. Of course, I'd still have the five-foot-tall shower and the insane kitchen, and too much stuff in too small a space... I have looked at a few apartments for rent, but the problem is that the places that cost less than a mortgage are in really shitty shape. And if I rent anything expensive, I might as well own something for real instead of throwing all of that money away every month. So my choice is to deal with a shitty apartment (but with more space) or to just go ahead and buy an apartment (anything in town is too expensive). There are several buildings in town that turned condo in just the past couple of years, and seeing how much they cost now makes me angry. I'm looking at you, brick building on Graves Ave., with your tiny skinny apartments that used to be inhabited only by poor people and college students. How dare they cost as much as a frickin' house? Graves Ave. used to be nothing but unofficial low-income housing. Now my boss has bought a house there, and the cheapo apartment my sister once rented with two friends for a summer in college has been renovated all fancy and is priced at $200k. Insanity.

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