Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So, we won at trivia last week, again. For a second week we were up against the Whimsical Death Monkeys in a time-based tie-breaker for first place. We are sensitive souls prone to performance anxiety and so we hate the tie-breakers, and we have resolved to win in a definitive way next time. It's getting harder; there were a lot of people there last week, more than 60, and the questions were harder, too -- we got just 24 right (I think our top score was 26 out of 30, and I don't know if anyone has beaten that). You'd think that this trivia night thing would get old, but it hasn't, so far. Others have mentioned this, but when you have 60 plus people in a smoky dive bar turn totally silent, working on a word puzzle, it's a magical thing. It's just a bummer that we all have to work the next day and can't stay after the game to drink and sing karaoke.

I looked at a condo on Graves Ave. yesterday -- it's the same exact apartment my sister lived in one summer in college with two of her friends. It's been totally renovated and some minor changes to the layout have been made, It's a nice apartment, but the condo fees are ridiculous and the place is overpriced. I feel guilty putting my realtor aquaintance through this, but I don't want to buy something I don't completely love, especially since I don't have to (my landlord is nice and I have a month-to-month, my rent is cheap, I don't desperately need more space due to an impending baby, etc.). I should just tell her that. She's only taken me out to see places twice. I feel worse about the realtor at the rental place who took me to see multiple places three times...

There was a house in E'ton that seemed perfect, but the day before I was to go see it, the owner pulled it from the market and decided not to sell. It was at the end of a dead-end street, at the foot of Mt. Tom (at the end of the street were hiking trails up the mountain), it had a view, a screened-in porch, an above-ground pool, and two stories (usually only ranch houses in my cheap-ass price range) and I have to stop thinking about it because it makes me sad. Still, it's good to know places like that are out there. I just have to keep my eyes open.

I am sorry this is boring. No crazy guys have thrown icy sodas at me lately. I've been working on a Halloween costume but I don't want to talk about it and give away the surprise. And so on.

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