Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays. We’re in the dead week at work, where we all pretend to be productive for the few days between Christmas and New Year’s. I am planning to party hearty (aka throw a penny) on New Year’s, but my mood might change if the bank appraisal happens this week and it’s not in my favor. There’s three ways it could go:

1. Bank appraisal is lower than our agreed-upon purchase price, and the seller will not budge: Worst possible outcome. I have no cash reserves to make up the difference, and I really shouldn’t over-pay in this market, anyway. So this will mean the deal will be scrapped.

2. Bank appraisal is low, but seller makes up the difference: The best possible outcome, though extremely unlikely based on previous negotiations with seller.

3. Bank appraisal is on target: A fine outcome, and what the whole process assumes will happen.
Also: My parents got me a lovely hammock for Christmas, so I really need a porch to hang it on (or some trees in a backyard, if this particular house falls through). My teenage-delinquent cats are driving me crazy; while I was away they knocked off and broke a lovely milk-glass dish (which the awesome Brian and Marisa swept up and then drew a little comic about it to explain what had happened), and Junebug keeps jumping up on things she really shouldn't be (Hambone's too chubby) and they could really use some more space to run around in.

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S-Way said...

I suggest you get a video camera ready for when the cats attempt to jump into the hammock for the first time. Hilarity will ensue.