Thursday, January 18, 2007

I’ve now spent two nights in the house. The cats are still acting nervous but seem to be enjoying all of the high places they can now access. I still only have minimal furniture – my futon mattress is on the floor – but I was able to unpack all of my clothes and some of the kitchen stuff, as well as set up my TV. Last night I visited a co-worker who lives a few houses away. Her cottage is adorable and cozy and filled with the kind of friendly, interesting clutter I like. She made me a cuppa tea and when I was leaving made me take some leftover eggplant parmesean. It was lovely.

My laptop is sick. When woken, the screen flickers and then dies after a few seconds. Luckily I have Applecare, and repairing it should cost me nothing. I dropped the computer off at Yes today, where it won’t even be looked at for 2 or 3 days. The agony! My baby has been taken away. It’s going to be rough, but not as rough as no-computer-and-no-TV. At least I now have delicious, delicious digital cable. All of the movie channels are unlocked (not the premium on-demand stuff, however) for some undetermined trial period, but I still didn’t find anything I wanted to watch at 10:00 p.m. last night. I’m too ashamed to tell you what I actually ended up watching.

I’m looking forward toi finally getting all of my stuff into the house, even though I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to put everything. It’s like playing dollhouse but with a real house. Which is fairly obvious and goes without saying, but there it is.

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Avani said...

You are the cutest ever! It's like playing dollhouse with a real house! And you are a little girl that just bought a giant dollhouse! How fun. Come on, what did you end up watching? Was it a movie? What would be too embarrassing? Some Cinemax soft porn? Brokeback Mountain, again and again? The Ice Princess?