Friday, August 03, 2007

Have you ever started eating a new food just because you're heard it's so good for you? Something like kale, maybe. You buy it at the farmer's market, thinking, this doesn't look like something that will be delicious, but it will make me feel so healthy and good that maybe I won't mind the taste. And at first, you only eat it because you know you really should. But then, once you get to know kale, you start finding new and delicious recipes, and eventually you realize that, even though this food is packed with vitamins, low fat and high in fiber, you love it. You taught yourself to love kale. Sandy, chewy, good-for-you kale.

Yeah. That doesn't work when it's with people and not food.


Amy Turn said...

like yr blog!
I can relate to the kale

Avani said...

The last time I ate kale was at Hampshire. A sign of if a person is good for you is if you constantly have a smile on your face. US Weekly did a scientific study of the effect Justin Timberlake has on his girlfriends. Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel both looked so happy when they were single, and walked around with a frown when they were out with Justin. People are not like vitamins. If you feel happy, you are happy!

Kristen said...

You are so funny! I typed "my elderly grandmother is driving me crazy" into google, and came across your blog. I about fell off my chair with the kale/people post!