Saturday, August 18, 2007

I hadn't been to my garden in a few days, so I had a big harvest today. And I took some photos.
Here are my zinnias, which I grew from seed and are now taller than I am.


Here's a macro of a pink one. I love the scales under the petals.


And my prolific eggplant. It has been feeding me well.


I found this tomato, which a fox/cat/raccoon had taken a bite of and then decided it wasn't for them. After I snapped this I found another bitten one (but uneaten) on a different plant.


One of the gorgeous heirloom tomatoes I picked today. Yum...

Here's my winnings for the day. That's a little bag of basil tips.

And a pretty macro shot of the striped little guys.

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Avani said...

WOW! That giant tomato looks SO juicy. When i have a garden i will consult with you on what kind to grow (since if I ask you now I'll forget).