Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Looks like I'm sick again, with the same post-nasal-drip sore throat thing I keep on getting. Last night I was wide awake, due to a combination of it being hot and humid in my bedroom, my emaciated cat coming and going, and the pseudoephedrine (yes, I get the real, hard stuff at the counter). So today I am all floating and throat-scratchy and dependant on Ibuprofren to get through the day. I had to come in to work, you see, because a teen star was calling me for an interview, for which she is currently half-an-hour late. I am also waiting to hear back from my vet about my anorexic cat. She sniffs at her food, then turns and walks (haltingly, ungracefully) away. After doing that routine this morning, she looked up at me and twittered her tail, her "look how cute I am now feed me" behavior, which is confusing and sad. The stuff I'm trying to get her to eat is expensive cat food formulated especially for extra-tastiness. My cat has a sonogram scheduled for Thursday, for which she is to be sedated, though I'm guessing they won't dare if she's this skinny and empty of flesh. Maybe my cat wants to die. She's had it, 16 years is enough, thanks and goodbye. I wouldn't begrudge her that, except she still responds happily to petting and attention. I still want to know what exactly is wrong, even if it's unfixable.

My sickness is an extra bummer this week because I'm going to the reunion of the Quaker youth group place I went to about one weekend a month when I was in grades 10-12. The place has never had a reunion, so it's going to be for everyone who's ever gone to the youth program -- most people are camping because there'll be too many to fit inside the buildings. I was looking forward to a lot of goofy fun, like capture the flag games and nighttime walks to the cornfield and swimming in the pond. Now I might have to be lying down a lot instead.

Update: The teen star just left a message while I was on the phone, and now I have her cell phone number. Heh ...


K/Mom said...

So sad when the kitties get ready to go. There is no way to see it without tears. It's not easy for anyone to get from this life to the next. Sometimes an animal has to get very thin, as if to fit through a narrow opening, and must practice lying still for long periods. But they all manage it in the end. I mean, we all manage it.

Sweet kitty. You are much loved.

Amy said...

I hope kitty is just feeling especially feline as of late (read that "picky") and that she comes around. The vet will surely have more clues.

Hope you feel better, too.