Thursday, July 20, 2006

While I'm at work it's easy to forget I've just lost a pet I've had for 13 years, so I'm feeling pretty good right now. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. I know it's just a cat, but the bonds we make with animals are often intense. I haven't cried about it since the night it happened, I've just been feeling a little depressed and quiet. At the same time, now that I am pet-less, I am thinking that I might try fostering kittens, or helping the Dakin shelter by fostering a quarantined cat named Bo (who got a bite wound of unknown origin; in MA, even if the animal is vaccinated against rabies, that means 6 months with no contact with any other animal). I don't feel like I'd get too attached to any cat right now, but at the same time I would love to help out. Plus, hello, kittens! I'd feel selfish adopting a kitten, when adult cats are not as wanted, and Wedge was an adult when I got her, so I'm extra-biased towards the grown-up cats. But having super-young kittens around for just eight weeks could be awesome. It would be pretty much non-stop "aawwwww!!"-ing. I told a cat-loving co-worker about my idea and she's already planning lunchtime visits to my apartment.

Just FYI, I'm going on vacation again, next week, the third in a series of three family vacations for the year. My laptop is coming with me.

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av said...

Spreading more cat-love sounds like a great idea. You may want to wait a few weeks though to give yourself time to mourn. It's important to go through that to heal. Also, 6 months with any cat, you will get attached. But it could be OK to let it go after that. Kittens are so fun too. xoxo Avi