Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A few co-workers and I got some last-minute tickets to a movie premiere tonight. We will be walking on the red carpet right along with people whose jobs are to look beautiful and flawless. The comparison will result in making me look hideous, possibly troll-like. My inability to learn how to wear makeup is really going to hurt me here.

I am entirely uninterested in the movie, but I was going to be in town anyway, and couldn't pass up a chance to go to an actual premiere where There Will Be Stars; maybe it's different than just going and watching a movie. Perhaps not. It may very well be boring. I will be wearing a dress I bought at a sample sale ten years ago, I think it cost $20, along with some DSW shoes, an H&M sweater, and an old rhinestone necklace. There is also an after-party at a chain restaurant filled with video games, just to give you an idea of how fancy this will actually be. I'll let you know if I catch anyone famous blowing rails off of a Galaga cabinet.

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av said...

You are the Master of Suspense! What's the premiere??? Where is the premiere? Have fuN!!! And report!!!