Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm back. I got back Saturday. Hello.

Weatherunderground says it's 97 degrees outside, hoo boy. I work in what used to be a large old post office, which has a big, loft-like open floor plan. The air conditioning here is so fucked up that they brought in a portable AC unit for my corner. Like many office buildings, none of the windows here can be opened, so they're venting the hot air up into the drop-ceiling. It's no cooler in here, though now there is a patch of cooler air about 8 feet away from me. I'm wearing a camisole and shorts and I'm still sweaty.

Remember last winter, when I said I wanted to go sledding, but didn't have anyone to sled with, and asked for sledding partners? Well, I am having the same problem, except with swimming. Unlike with sledding, I am fine with swimming by myself, but it can be more fun and safe to go with someone else. Wanna go swimming?


Tits McGee said...

You know, since you mentioned it, Hubby and I took the kid swimming at Puffer's the other day and I was thinking about that time you and I went swimming there together and kicked myself for the millionth time for not calling you lately.

I suck.

Shorthands said...

meet ya at red rocks tomorrow 430 pm.

Shorthands said...
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debl said...

Where's red rocks? I need a new swimming hole, too (Mill River is just not deep enough, and Puffer's is kinda blah). Email me!