Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I might get in trouble for posting this, but I consider it a public service announcement: The schedule for today's Transperformance spectacular at the Pines, subject to drastically change.

3:55 ­ Show opens with intros
4:00 ­ 4:15 ­ The Armenti Family with Ina Iansiti as The Carter Family
4:20 ­ 4:35 ­ The Amity Front as Black Crowes
4:40 ­ 4:55 - Us as Oasis
5:00 ­ 5:05 - The UnStuntWare (USW) as The Stone Coyotes
5:10 ­ 5:25 ­ Tony Vacca and Gokh-Bi System as the Jackson Five
5:30 ­ 5:40 - Spouse as INXS
5:45 ­ 6:00 - School for the Dead as The Kinks
6:10 ­ 6:25 - Cordelia’s Dad w/Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Singers as
Von Trapp Family Singers
6:30 ­ 6:45 - Aloha Steamtrain as The Plastic Ono Band
6:50 ­ 7:05 - The Kennedys as The Everly Brothers
7:10 ­ 7:25 - The Nields as Sonny and Cher
7:30 ­ 7:45 - King Radio with Strings Attached as Paul and Linda McCartney
and Wings
7:50 ­ 8:05 - The Drunk Stuntmen as The Allman Brothers
8:10 ­ 8:25 - Winterpills as The Carpenters
8:30 ­ 8:45 - Unit Seven with Kim Zombek as Sly and the Family Stone
8:50 ­ 9:05 - Kate O’Connor and Blue Rendezvous as The Neville Brothers
9:10 ­ 9:25 - Serum 114 as Stone Temple Pilots

I am not singing with the Sacred Harp singers, because I was doing a thing with my boyfriend's family at the same time as their one practice session on Sunday. And I was not going to cut the barbecueing and Jet-Skiing short for that. I got to take the Waverunner out alone a couple of times and really flew across the water. The boyfriend thought it was capable of hitting 50 mph (the speedometer was broken). My thighs are still sore from riding the thing and trying to stay on during the turns. (That's what she said.) D, while trying to do some crazy low-speed turns, managed to tip the Waverunner over just far enough so that I, his 9-year-old cousin, and he had to jump into the water. Which was very cold. And I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt. But it was hilarious, and the cousin was totally down with it, even though it was a long, shivery ride back to the bbq site.

This weekend I also went to the Greenfield shelter and signed up to be a kitten foster-er. They said they definitely still need people, and that my situation (no pets) was perfect. They will probably not be giving me any kittens/cats until after the 22nd because the coordinator is on vacation. But that's ok. The shelter also had a gorgeous, tiny, brown tabby kitten named Louie, but I managed to resist. For now. Once I gets me some kittens, I swear to do everything in my power to get a photo onto cute overload. It will happen. Believe it.

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