Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh dear, it has been an entire week. Sorry folks. I went swimming this weekend! At the Shelburne Falls potholes, where the water is merely just-melted ice! I was also shown a new swimming spot that apparently everyone else in the world knows about.

I thought I had something to post, but I don't, I guess. On Friday I phone-interviewed an actual star you might have heard about, but I had to ask questions like "what kind of animal would you be" because it's all about what The Readers want to know about. And that is what they want to know about.


av said...

Well, what did The Star say????????????? Did The Star laugh at the question? Were you nervous? Tell almost all!!!!!

Shorthands said...

hey, "what kind of animal would you be" is my poll question this month! copy-CAT.