Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I took a pic this morning of the nest situation. Lady robin was extra-pissed at me today for some reason, so I only stuck around for only about 20 seconds.


The chicks are starting to look more like birds (being able to see their beaks helps). I am thinking the third egg is a dud. Unfertilized, maybe? I'm curious to see what happens to it. Robins keep their nests really clean, but how are they going to get a full egg out of it? Just tip it over the side?

I was going to ride my bike to work today. I'm renting a car to go to NYC this afternoon, returning tonight, so I'll drive that car home and return it in the morning. And then I could ride my bike home tomorrow... Except I have a 5:30 "restaurant week" dinner at Circa, and trivia right after. No way am I riding my bike 3.5 miles home at 11:30 at night. Oh, and trivia: Our new and improved team -- we brought on a semi-permanent fifth member, Jose! woo hoo! -- got the fourth-place booby prize last week. We may have broken our losing streak. I don't want to say more and jinx it.

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