Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh it is ON now. Took this pic about an hour ago:


This baby robin is all, "Screw you guys, I'm getting out of this shithole. Who's with me?"

The lady robin doesn't seem too bothered with my constant checking of her nest. I'm not touching anything, since the only place I can get high enough to see is inside the screened porch.

I also took a photo of the pollen situation on Friday, before I put on a dust mask and swept it up:


Pollen was coating everything: every leaf, blade of grass, car... It's currently pouring rain, which will help a lot, though not with my porches. Ah well.

Edited to add: Happy birthday tooo yoooooooooou, Happy birthday toooo yoooooooouu...


When I climbed up on my ladder contraption, the lady robin was on the ground watching me, but she doesn't chirp in alarm anymore when I approach. She has already disposed of the eggshell in a secret location. They do that. (Unfortunately for me.) This little guy was flopping around, unable to lift up its grotesquely-huge head. Did I take a video? Why yes, yes I did.


S-Way said...

Just to point out: not much happens in that video. I look forward to seeing some multiple-baby-bird cheeping action in the future. Plus, I'm bummed you can't snag some blue eggshell.

Sweet table-n-chair action, though, on your pollen-y porch.

marisa said...

i love love love your patio set! its so cute, and i'm very jealous! was it a tag sale find?

debl said...

I got the patio set at a tag sale at the Clarke School. It was $15! What you can't see is that the feet of the table and chairs are all wrapped in white electrical tape -- I guess they don't have proper feet, so the former owner used tape so the feet wouldn't scratch the floor.