Monday, June 04, 2007

When I came downstairs this morning, the lady robin was feeding two little somethings. The second bird hatched! I took this pic this morning:


They're sort of entwined. But one is way bigger than the other, being one day older.

And did I take another video? Sure did. There's not much bird movement after the first few seconds, but watch the upper right corner for bonus woodland action in the last few seconds. Ok, it's not spectacular, but it's 30 seconds of your life. Come on.

After work I looked outside and the lady was out hunting for food, so I grabbed my camera and went out there to take another photo. Which I did (but didn't post) but then stood there and watched them be all floppy and fuzzy and kind of gross. And then the robin flew right up to the nest, not 6 inches from my face (but separated by a screen), saw me at the last split second and flapped to the tree a few feet away. That's when I felt the guilt and I got the hell inside. (She was back at the nest in a minute.)

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