Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm back, got into my house at 9:30 last night. This morning I went out to check the nest -- and it was empty! (except for the lone unhatched egg.) However, the lady or lord robin was on the little tree next tot he house, freaking out at me. If I had actually been outside (and not in the screened porch) he would have been scary. As it was, he was screaming at me and swooping and flapping, and his head and chest feathers were all puffed up. So, I think (I hope) that the baby robins have left the nest but are still nearby, well-hidden. I read someone else's diary of a robin family living on their porch, and this sounds like a similar timeline; unfortunately, they leave the nest when they can still only fly a few feet or so. If I catch sight of any fledgling robins, I shall let you all know!

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Avani said...

You have to not go anywhere near the fledglings. The fledgling stage is really dangerous. I had a bad experience where I found an injured fledgling, I tried to save it but its mom rejected it and exhibited the same behavior towards me and it died. I still feel sad about it. So just stay out of their territory even if it is your porch/yard, til they fly away. That is my advice from my own experience. They need to learn to fly and the parents won't always reclaim them. They need to just be left alone.