Wednesday, May 26, 2004

After feeling fine for almost a week, I am feeling fairly sad today. Maybe it's the weather, which has been grey and cold for several days. Maybe it's the impending weekend with its lack of structure and the possibility of lots of alone-time. Maybe it's the failed override vote in my town and the subsequent triumphant squealing of the money-grubbing jackasses who only look out for themselves. Maybe it's the new terror alert warning that we're all being issued, for all events everywhere all summer long. Maybe it's the extremely icky hyper-realistic dream I had last night.

I think those are some pretty valid reasons.

The day started fine, and I can tell that just by looking at myself, for I decided to wear my attention-getting poncho I knitted out of truffula trees (at least it looks that way). Plus I've been singing Spanish for Hitchhiking songs. (I can finally admit it: I've loved you for my whole life.) So I think I might just need more wine, and more hugs! Hugs for everybody! Kittens, too.

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Trace said...

Hugs back. Yay for Spanish for Hitchhiking. Hang in there baby, Friday's coming.