Sunday, May 09, 2004

So yeah, I'm back. I was all ready to post on Friday, but I think Blogger was going through a metamorphosis and was too busy to let me sign on. California was as predicted - way too sunny, with lots of too-tan women wearing super-tight clothes and too much perfume. Though maybe I'm just thinking of the television media personalities from Brazil. Anyway, I went on a scary free-fall ride, which was fine except for all of the falling. My coworker talked me into going on it, and she laughed hysterically as I screamed the entire time we were zooming up and down in the dark.

Now I'm home, trying to learn to be patient, and to be kind to myself, which is hard because I wish I was a different person. Not radically different, just less soft. More confident. Yeah.

Here are some shots I took from the airplane, and some bonus pics from my trip.

Cincinnati cloverleaf:

Can anyone tell me what these circles are? Crops, or something, right? They're enormous. I notice them every time I fly cross-country:

There's a little town in the lower left, so you can see how massive these circles are:

As a bonus, here's a mysterious photo of the grand opening ceremony for the thing I rode. (I'm not using any searchable nouns...)

And me baking in the sun the next day, waiting with all of the other shmoes for the bigwigs to show up and tell us something that's supposed to sound really exciting:

And that was my trip to California.

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