Friday, May 14, 2004

At the park last week, I got my fortune read from one of the old coin-op machines ("Esmeralda's Prophesies") they have there. Here's the first one:

You have had a lot of trouble, for which others are largely responsible, but you are now reaching a point when you will be able by your own efforts, to control your own affairs. You are not easily understood, as you keep much to yourself. You are fond of fine arts and like to be alone a great deal. You sometimes have a desire to destroy things, especially in your young days, for which you are sorry afterward. Be careful when the figure 7 appears on any money transaction, and keep your eyes open to some of your "would be" friends. Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more.

I swear I've gotten that fortune before, which is a little eerie. So I put in another coin and got this:

There is very little I can tell you, because you are so good. You have a great gentleness, and pure moral principles, a merciful affectionate and constant heart, slightly melancholy. Inventive genius of mechanical arts, are independent and have little patience with conventional ways of living. Lover of music, very changeable in opinion. After middle age you will inherit a fortune, which you will have to defend in court. I predict that you will have great success in life, in general, very small changes in your daily routine are necessary to bring you to the top of the ladder. Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more.

I figured I couldn't do much better than that combination, so I stopped there.

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av said...

I like your fortunes. So, what did you do this weekend?