Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Could I BE any more depressed right now? Well, I guess I could be, since I am actually functioning and at work and not sobbing at my desk. But still. Things are not good. I am starting to think this could be my Worst Spring and Summer Ever, which gets me all kinds of more depressed since I live here because it is so beautiful this time of year, and then I need to remind myself that Spring and Summer come back with fair regularity - say, once a year or so - and that not fully enjoying one years' worth of lovely weather, because I'm staying home lying curled up in a ball and staring out the window, is not going to kill me.

Speaking of life or death situations, today on my way to work I passed by the ambulance that's set up in front of City Hall all this week for the EMTs to talk to kids about safety or something. They have a costumed mascot, I think it's a bear, or an otter, or maybe a dog. Anyway, today I saw a woman putting on the head of the costume - in plain sight, right there on Main Street! Talk about destroying the magic! I was shocked. And then I thought, I could blog something funny about this. And then I thought, I'm too tired and melancholy to be funny. And now here we are.


Anonymous said...

See, and yet still, you're funny. And we love you. At least I do! And I know some other people who do, too!


av said...

I think it's seasonal. Meaning, you live somewhere where there are seasons. Here in California, you don't get jerked around all year, spring making you think you should be dancing around in a tank top, the smell of rotting leaves driving you to the library, those precious hot days that fall on weekends making you insane with the desire to go swimming. You should really think about checking out California. It's like being on Prozac, without the side effects. Your bad month will pass, I promise. kisses. av