Friday, January 13, 2006

Alright, fine, whatever. I got just one comment below, even after I asked you all to chime in. It's delurking week, too, did you know that? Not that it matters, to you, and why should it, I guess... No, really, don't worry about it.

(Passive aggression was my minor in college.)

So there's some townie stuff I must address, so if you don't live near me, you might want to skip this post. First: The former Cafe Casablanca, now Fire Cuisine, is open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. This brings the number of late-night eateries in my town back up to one (Jake's gave up at least a year ago). So it's pretty exciting.

Spoleto's has a window display hawking the various Claudio restaurants as perfect Valentine's dinner locations. And one of the signs uses "your" for "you're." This is a freakin' college town, people! You've got to bring your A-game here. I happen to know that a friend's ex-girlfriend works there, and she is (according to him) a freakin' genius, so she's failing in her moral duty as a smartie-pants grad student by not correcting this sign immediately.

The old, dirty, icy snow has been melting rapidly, which is nice, except that it's exposing a ton of wet garbage, which is not. It must have snowed like the day after New Year's because I'm seeing a lot of silvery streamers and bits of confetti. And, as usual, lots and lots and lots of cigarette butts.

Yet another Asian restaurant is about to open, called Zen. It's been about-to-open for weeks now, though. Like Tofu, this one may be another slow train wreck about to happen. Or it could be a Silk Road Cafe. Who can say?

The Iron Horse's dinner menu spells avocado "avacado." Plus they say their chicken salad is "straight from New York's famous 2nd Ave Deli." So they've got some corrections to make.


Tits McGee said...

For the longest time, there was a graffito outside of the Haymarket that said "AVOCADO SEED SOUP-A-VOOTY." I'm pretty sure it's not there anymore.

Anonymous said...

I've disliked Claudio ever since he said to me " you don't belong here" as he threw me out of a party for his staff. I didn't belong there, but someone who did had dragged me there and immediately left me standing on my own.

It's also devil's advocate week:
You know how so many words written about sex in these modern times say that it's good to communicate and "tell your partner when you like or dislike what s/he's doing"?
I think they mean that it's good to go along with what your partner is saying. Would you like your partner to persist in some act that you found unpleasant while he laughed with perverse delight at your displeasure?

Tits is funny.
The blogger I mean. I haven't suddenly turned into a backwoods freak. It would make a good tshirt though. "Tits is Funny, I tellyouwhat!"

av said...

There's a restaurant called Tofu? Jesus Christ. That place would go out of business in about 5 minutes in North Carolina.

debl said...

tits - at least they spelled avocado correctly. I mean, damn.

av - it did go out of business. Like really really fast.

anon, I would never keep doing an annoying thing in bed. That's not the way my sexy ass rolls. I have not zerberted since my post, and I am on step 10 of my personal 12-step plan.

Tits McGee said...

debl, I so know the way your sexy ass rolls.

anon, I would totally buy that t-shirt. And I've disliked Claudio ever since he showed up at my apartment in the middle of the night trying to barge his way in, convinced that there was a party going on (the party was next door). Moron.