Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yesterday I saw something I hadn't seen for many years: A destroyed cassette tape, all unspooled and tangled in the weeds by the side of the road. It reminded me of walking by busy, dirty, sidewalk-less roads in New Jersey in the summer.

I have a problem. I want to go sledding, but I only have one sled. My semi-regular sledding partner, Max, has a baby now, a baby too young to safely hold onto while hurtling uncontrolled down a steep snowy hill. And it's hard to invite people to go sledding when it's BYOS. And when you're not, you know, 8 years old. What's a perpetually-adolescent, childless woman-child to do?


Anonymous said...

I would go sledding solo. Go to Hospital Hill or someplace where there's lots of others sledding, and go for it, you know? There's camraderie (sp?) in sledding with others, even if they're strangers.
- S. Way (sis)

Melissa said...

You should thank your lucky stars that you have snow to sled on. I've been itching to sled all winter, but there has been zero snow.

I'm not sure I would enjoy sledding solo, though, so good luck finding a partner.

Dangermouth said...

Come to southwestern NH! I'll go sledding with you, and I'll even leave my psycho dogs at home. I've been trying to get someone to go sledding with me for ten years (since college) and no one will ever go. Except for the dogs, who get cold and cry to go home long before I'm ready.