Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's February 1st! Which means it was two years ago today that my niece was born. I'd point you to her blog link at right, but it hasn't been updated in a very long time. I ordered the kid a set of bongos, because she's got the groove, baby, she's got the motion.* These bongos, which the website says are not a toy but a "real beginner's instrument," should hold up better than the children's bongos I got her for Christmas, which broke on the very first toddler hit.

*Speaking of 80s songs: For the past few weeks, during my morning shower, I have been getting the song "Careless Whispers" stuck in my head. I'm not cheating on anyone, nor is anyone I know (to my knowledge, at least), and I'm not dancing or thinking about dancing, guilty feet or no. It's kind of been driving me crazy, because it's not a good song (seriously, think about it without the kitsch factor. Bad song.) and once it's in my head, it takes a while to get out. Like I'll be walking to work and notice I've started whistling parts of it. This morning I think I might have discovered where "Careless Whispers" has been coming from: the ventilation fan, which has a high-pitched drone that may be the exact note George Michaels hits when he sings, "nooooooow! that you're gooone..". Since I rent, I can't do anything about the fan, but I may be able to do something about the song: I just need to find a less-objectionable song that has that same note as "nooooooow!" in it, and try to steer my brain towards that new song. The trouble is that if I had such a song already imprinted onto my head, it would have popped up already. Damn you, brain, and your perfect memory for top-40 80s pop hits!


Tits McGee said...

Oh, wow. I wasn't reading your blog when Tallulah was born (being nine months pregnant myself at the time and not up for much aside from sitting on the couch and groaning a lot), so thanks so much for including the link to the post about her birth. So. Lovely.

Lula will love the bongos. My little monkey rocks the house on her harmonica, so perhaps we should get the little rugrats together for a recital one of these days.

I will now be shuffling thru my vast collection of early 80's pop in search of a suitable replacement for "Careless Whispers," which, I agree, is a suck-ass song.

av said...

HA!!! Careless Whispers! Of, a, good, friend... that is the funniest thing ever! Bryan said something recently that reminded me of Mr. Jordache soap on a rope! Anyway, that is funny!

KL said...

Thanks, now I have Careless Whisper stuck in my head.

I'm trying to switch it over to Father Figure...ahh, much better.

Anonymous said...

I've had the theme song from "Silve Spoons" stuck in my head. ANYONE who can give me an explanation for that is a hero in my book!!!


Brian said...

You do have a musical mind, o Chowflap, and good pitch.
I had a very similar thing happen to me repeatedly in college.
I always wondered why I started singing "All the Young Dudes" while walking up the stairseverytime I left the dining hall in Butterfield. The squeak of the door when it closed was the first 3 notes of that guitar riff.
I was but a young dude myself.