Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is it just me, or does everyone seem kind of down lately? The holidays are over (well, they will be for me after this weekend) so hopefully people will start feeling better soon. Either now or later when spring comes and change is in the air.

I have been doing things in my spare time, things like playing at one of the free tables at an online poker site, and knitting a scarf, and watching TV, and sometimes all three of those things at once. It's all very sofa-oriented. I bought myself a popover pan because I love popovers and have been making do with a ridiculously shallow old aluminum muffin tin. And I also did a fair amount of work on a quilt I started last spring. So yay for me, there.

There's not much to say, really. Things will pick up eventually. This weekend should provide some kind of fodder...

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nacho said...

lurk here often, but coming out to say that I LOVE the Ricky Gervaise (sp?) show!

2 new episodes waiting for me in iTunes.

Can't wait to Chimpanzee that Monkey News!