Friday, March 03, 2006

My slackittude has produced a post! I've discovered, via apartment therapy, a way to actually use old flea-market frames. Here's a place online where you can order mats cut to your specifications - both the outer dimensions and the inside window (for the artwork), for a reasonable price. Awesome.

And if you're in need of artwork to frame, visit boygirlparty. I have a tiny painting of susie's, bought at the Giant Robot store in NY. I accidentally linked to her recently -- instead of a previous post like I meant to do -- with the words "creepy naked guy" or something like that (it has been fixed). Which was a mistake I made due to my lame method of html coding, where I copy and paste a link example I have saved on a stickie on my desktop. I've since changed my "example" link from boygirlparty to a fake url. And now you know all my secrets.

Edited to add: Apparently the link never got changed at all, providing boygirlparty with a lot of interesting referral links, I'm sure. D'oh! Stupid Blogger, I KNOW I made the change. Anyway, it's all kosher now, unless Blogger is lying to me once more.


susie said...

hi debl! i posted this over at my blog too: thanks for writing and clearing up the mystery! the link is actually still up (i think on blogger you may have to republish your index for changes to appear?) part of me was entertained by the case of mistaken identity, but when you didn't respond then i started to worry! all is well.

debl said...

UGH. I know I really did change it, but somehow Blogger must have hiccupped and I didn't notice it. I did make the actual change (and edited the post above to say that), finally. So hopefully this will mean no more accidental perv visits to your site.