Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Things I have been busy doing:

1. Singing. The convention was fantastic. Lots and lots of great singing. My voice gave out eventually. I saw Mr. Tits McGee poking his head in, don't know if Miss Tits was there too. I was one of the coordinators for the event and my task was completed well, with a minimum of problems (though there are always problems). There was a "memorial lesson" on Sunday, and it was led by a couple who had lost a son in the past year. It was very moving and heartbreaking, and after they had read off the list of people in the singing community, as well as their friends and relatives, who had died in the past year, they ended with the name of their son, Mark Seiler. I got chills at the name, as that guy was a part of another obscure "family" of mine, kids who went to Powell House. I had forgotten that I had gotten obituary notices via email by both a Quaker source and a singing source. I never met him, strangely; he was younger than me by just enough that our paths wouldn't have crossed at PoHo. Very sad.

2. Working. Work is very very busy and complicated right now. Not as bad as the fella's, though; he emailed me at 10 this morning to say he was going to sleep, having been up all day and night doing some big technical thing at his job. I could probably remember what exactly he's doing if I worked my brain hard enough, but I'm saving those neurons for work. Worky work-work work.

3. Playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. I have a problem.

4. Feeding Brian's cat, getting my car inspected, going food shopping... Life. You know.

5. Agonizing over, then deciding and buying a new cell phone. I'll miss my 2.5-year-old LG, but I wanted to upgrade to a phone with a camera in it, mainly so I can receive photos on the fly (my sister and bro-in-law like to send me pics). I got very close to buying a Razr, but ended up with a Motorola 815. I need to play around with it some more, but so far I really like it. I got a free month of that stupid-ass V-Cast stuff on all of the ads (the ads that get "My Humps" stuck in my head for hours) but the service isn't even available in my town. So now I gots to remember to call and cancel it, otherwise they'll start charging me for it. Whatta scam.

6. Enjoying the crazy weather. Right now the sun is shining in the middle of a snow squall. A couple of nights ago we had a thunderstorm. The crocuses and snowdrops are blooming.


Rick said...

Hi chowflap. Glad the convention went well. I saw you at SFTD at the Basement the other week but there was no chance to say hello without interrupting you and El Bezo (I was being polite not stuck-up and indifferent). Anyway, hi. My brain cells are in short supply these days too.

Tits McGee said...

Hey, busy lady. Mr. McGee and the young Miss McGee did indeed stop by (I got stuck at work - boo), but the kid got a little freaked out and requested that they go. Hubby reports that she said something along the lines of, "Loud noise! Lound noise scary!" He, however, was impressed by your loud nose.

Don't get me started on the f%*&$#g commercial featuring "My Humps." That song makes me want to tear my ears off even more than this does.

Speaking of crocuses, have you been to the bulb show yet? Only four days left!

Tits McGee said...

HA! "Loud nose." Oops.