Thursday, December 04, 2003

I just spent all morning putting together a rough layout (for work). It was all clickety-snap-TAP! slickety tap tap pank tap! over and over again for the 150 or so text boxes I made. My carpal tunnel-prone hands were getting bold so I put on my fingerless gloves. Clickety-snap-TAP! slickety tap tap pank tap! But I finished it and was all proud of myself, telling everyone I had gotten it done today, three days ahead of schedule. Yes yes, debl, you're a good girl.

And then during lunch we gathered 'round the TV and watched Dumbo. That "pink elephants on parade" part is fairly disturbing; I had forgotten how inventive and bizarre it was. The artists back then (1941) really paid attention to surrealism. I did learn something useful for my job, too; Casey Junior is the name of the circus train in the movie, which begat the name of a ride at Disneyland. This is the kind of stuff I am an expert in. I know, I want to shoot myself too.

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