Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Sitting Next to Brian show last night was fabulous. Brian had an all-star cast of musicians on the stage (and in the audience). It was great to see Brian singing and sitting front and center with a pared-down drum kit, instead of hidden behind various tall folks with guitars. Everyone on stage was relaxed and professional. I would not have thought this was their first time performing together in front of an audience; really, for most of them it wasn't, since Brian is in bands with most of the people in the room.

The songs themselves were pieces of retro-pop confection, sounding unlike any other band currently in town. By the last song eight musicians were on stage, forming a wall of sound that blew everyone away. Major extra rock points were awarded for the use of accordian and flute on various songs. Go buy the Sitting Next to Brian CD here.

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