Monday, December 08, 2003

I Survived the Blizzard of December 6, 2003. Some things:

Squirrels live in the ceiling in my bedroom. They like to chat and get their house in order around 9 a.m. So far it hasn't woken me up. I should probably tell the landlord about them, though.

Apparently it's more important to keep my side-street completely free of cars (by going through the trouble of towing them) than it is out on the much-busier Hawley Street. Everyone who works for Ernie's Towing is going to hell.

The Spanish for Hitchhiking/Mitchell's show at the Brass Cat was not cancelled Saturday night. I got there in time to see a lot of the Mitchell's set. I drew some critters wearing pants (a bird, a swan, an elephant, a fly, and a guitar) along with co-doodlers L and D. Then L blew everyone's mind by drawing a pair of pants wearing a pair of pants. Awesome.

Apparently Max pulled a Pete Townsend and played bass so hard his fingers bled. Which is why he was long gone by the time I got to the Cat.

I missed Brian's birthday. Happy Birthday Brian. Despite this, there's been a couple of shout-outs to me on the Rockumentary in the past few days.

I just put up more gift-guide-ish links up at Craftytown, if you're interested.

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