Friday, December 12, 2003

So that crazy Henning over at the Living Rockumentary went and posted all of his Aloha Steamtrain digital images. I just watched almost the entire slideshow (there are 966, I got up to 767 or so), diligently writing down the numbers of the pics where I appear (because it's all about me, really) and then I realized there's no actual way to jump to the photo by its order number. So you're on your own, really, but I can tell you which pics I appear in anyway: 24, 291,482 (the left-most person), 501 (hair portrait), 504, 518, 560, 568, 621 (I'm way in the back in the sweaty mist but I know it's me), 624, 631, 753, 755. There are some really great ones (not just of me) in there, including plenty of the dearly departed Baystate (sniffle). So put "Memories" by Barbra Streisand on repeat, and let the slideshow roll.

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