Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ahh, three-day weekends. Love them. I am now almost totally unpacked at the house, and I hung a bunch of small framed things all together on one wall. I did some cleaning and some clothes-washing. And some other stuff I won't bore you with. I'm looking forward to spring. The propane company came and filled up my tanks -- my tanks were only down to 40%, so it won't cost $400 this time, though it has been less than a month since they filled them last. At my little village's post office area, someone posted a sign-up sheet about forming a propane collective, which I will definitely join. I'm not sure how much it'll help us, unless the price of propane is more fluid and negotiable than I thought it was, but it's worth a shot. Plus the quasi-socialist in me likes local, small-group collectives.

I also visited a newish, modern bar, the Dirty Truth (alt. names: The Deafening Truth; The Devil) a couple of times. I had been mostly avoiding it because it's often loud and crowded in there, but lately I've been liking it. There's a friendly vibe, it's clean and serves tasty food... Once you get into the middle of things it's not unbearable, and I always see at least one person I know.

Yesterday, by the time I made dinner, I was out of mental energy. I decided to give in and give up on being productive. It was kind of a nice feeling, actually. I ended up watching TV with my laptop, playing Bookworm on the computer and IM-ing a little bit with friends. By the end of it Hambone was sleeping in my arms like a baby, her head lolling limply. The cats love the rope-covered post, and will run right up to it, leap onto it and continue running vertically without breaking stride. Junebug is nimble, but Hambone has a hard time getting over the top to the beam. She still likes running to the top and then jumping off. They're good little monkeys.

Things I didn't do: unpack the last few things; my taxes; plan a housewarming party, or at least a dinner; work on the quilt; work on prototypes for selling.

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