Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We're in the middle of our first "Nor'easter" of the season, and I am at work. Until five minutes ago, I was the only person on my staff here. My two bosses are MIA, no word from them. I was shocked that the office wasn't closed -- so sure was I that I almost didn't even call in to check. But I did, and here I am, listening to the sleet clatter against the window.

The toy thing was fine. Mainly I walked a lot, carried heavy bags, and said "That's cool" or "neat" many, many times to publicists. The toy world still divides product along gender lines, with pretty and cute non-active items for girls, and hard and pointy action items for boys. Creating vs. smashing, petting vs. hitting: Be relieved, for the status quo is being maintained by the nation's trendmakers.

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