Thursday, February 15, 2007

So we did get to go home early yesterday, and I was able to take a delicious and cozy nap with my cats. After that, I discovered the pilot light in my hot water heater had gone out. I tried relighting it several times, but it wouldn't stay lit. So I worked out, and then took a shower over at my neighbor-friend's house. She is doing a great job at creating the kind of community she wants here, by inviting a neighbor over to dinner who had been living here for ten years without ever doing such a thing. Plus she likes feeding my cats. It's good.

After the shower I went into town, which was largely unplowed, for a romantical dinner tyme out with the new man. We ate fancy cheese and roast duck and chocolate cake and a bottle of wine. Today I shall be eating salads.

A vignette from the toy thing: A PR lady was showing me a new line of pink and purple little die-cast cars, saying, "Finally girls can have the fun of playing with cars!" This was one of a few times I was made speechless, since I played with toy cars all the time when I was little; the lack of nauseating pink color and "bling" on the bumpers didn't seem to be much of an impediment to me. Also, the cars had the typical plastic-track playset, except instead of racing and jumping through hoops, these cars stop at the mall and pick up a new purse. I don't think I need to continue talking about this.

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Rick said...

That whole "now girls can play with toy cars" thing is just appalling.