Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh, I forgot a follow-up to the five superballs I mentioned. I gave one to the cats as a toy -- they loved it; they picked it up and carried it around like dogs, just to drop it and whack it away to skitter across the open floor. I left the other four in a shallow bowl on my dining table. The next day I noticed there were only three in the bowl, but thought I might have lost one myself somehow... Except the day after that, all of the balls were gone. My cats had discovered the superball nest and had routed them out! I was only able to find three (under the fridge and the stove... not easy); the other two seem to have gone back to their home planet. I have one in a cat-proof area and I'm letting them do whatever they'd like to the remaining two. (Whatever they like = losing them underneath something immobile.)

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Avani said...

Cute cute cute! I have one too, Sami didn't love it as much as his string though. Did I tell you he fetches toys and brings them to you? Sometimes he brings them when he wants to play, out of the blue. He is irresistably adorable. But lonely during the day. We are thinking of getting him a kitten! Also, what does "free table score" mean?