Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This morning I got my first propane bill: FOUR. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. Shit. I opened it while I was at the oil change place, and it was all I could do to stop myself from driving home and turning down the thermostat. Propane is priced like gas, so it’s $2-something a gallon, and I think I have two 48-gallon tanks. It shouldn’t ever be quite this expensive again, however, since I think it had been more than a month since they’d last come by to top off the tanks.

Other than that madness, the house is great. I’m in the last stages of unpacking and organizing, and will be taking another trip to Ikea this weekend, though they’re still out of stock in the chairs I want (Swede bastards!). Also, I re-found a Home Depot gift card I was given when I bought my first house (more than 4 years ago… closer to 5 or 6, by now), and it turned out to still have the full $100 amount on it! I bought a bunch of rope and wrapped it around one of my posts to make a vertical cat highway to the upper ceiling beams. So far they’ve shown no interest, but I’m going to try to make them love it. I also bought a street atlas for Western Mass and I’m actually thrilled about it. It’s like having Mapquest in my car! It will make my tag sale-ing much easier this spring.

With that stuff, and singing, and Lost starting tomorrow, and trivia, and doing the big toy fair thing Sun-Tues next week, I am a busy lady and I like it.

I am going to try (again) to post more frequently, with less diary/"summations of my life" types of posts. So, shorter, but with more frequency. Cool?


Avani said...

How thoughtful of you, to create ropeways to the sky for your kitties! Great idea. I like the posts! xox,av

Shorthands said...

Hey! what "big toy fair thingie"? tell all!

Karyn said...

When I used to work at IKEA we used to joke that IKEA is Swedish for "Out of Stock".