Thursday, April 24, 2003

Hey, I'm back! Hi, hello, hi. Florida was very nice. It was jam-packed with receptions, yummy meals, swag, small talk, a few rides, and free drinks. Unlike many of my work trips, this time I was with three interesting co-workers who had just the right level of cynicism (not too high), making the park-touring extra fun. Also:

I sprained a toe doing Dance Dance Revolution with an unlikely officemate. I blame my slippery sandals.

Due to the toe hurting, I was unable to wear the new white shoes I had bought after spending hours searching for the perfect pair. Godammit.

The monday-night extravaganza party had free temporary tattoos and a handwriting analyst. I got a classic knife-through-a-heart with a banner that says "LOVE". The handwriting analyst was somewhat right-on; the creepiest and closest thing she said was "you're analytical and logical ... And you have a strong connection with your mother, but wish your father had been more present for you." Whoa, where did that come from?

The new ride we got to tour, which will involve sort of a ride-simulator capsule, has supposedly made a lot of ride-testers sick. Apparently it involves a lot of spinning, but noone, and I mean noone, will say exactly how it moves. They're trying to tell riders that it can make sensitive people sick, but until they tell people what the ride does, I bet there will be a lot of barfing. Plus there is no way in hell I will go on it.

Both of my flights were sold-out, and though I thought I had gotten my ticket far enough in advance, I was seated in the middle seat. It's spring break and the planes (and the parks) were absolutely packed. I was so tired yesterday I gave up a free ticket to see Yo La Tengo, opting to nap and then sink into the couch for a couple of hours. It enabled me to get up early (i.e. on time) today to call for apartments (a crappy overpriced one off of Hawley might take a dog...) and make an appointment with a "specialist" to check out my eye of mystery (they can see me today, incredibly). Both my bosses seem to be out of the office today so it's been a nice reentry back to work.

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