Thursday, April 10, 2003

Hoo boy - there's a new Jim Woodring toy out. I kind of love it, though for $40, it should be, like, a foot tall and hand-painted. Instead it's 5 inches high and made of vinyl. Still, it's very nice:

The jiva thingy is sitting on a base in the pic, and you can remove it, rotate it, hang it, etc.

In other news, I made crab rangoon out of the leftover wonton wrappers I'd bought. I used about a one-to-one ratio of real crab (from a can; I'm not crazy) and neusfatel cheese (instead of cream cheese). Mixed that up with some chopped scallions, deep fry the hell out of 'em, and you have a heavenly, faux-Polynesian delight. They went over very well in my house; between the four of us we ate all 20.

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