Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I guess I'm-a goin back to Florida tomorrow, even though I might have the SARS. Sure, my instant-strep test was negative, but I still feel like crap. Remember the good ol' days, when a strep test took 24 hours, and they'd give you some antibiotics to start, just to make sure? And also if you had white blobs on your tonsils, they gave you antibiotics? Even if you didn't really need them, they always made you feel better. I can't even remember the last time I got antibiotics. All because some dickheads were popping them like they were going out of style, creating new superviruses and shit. And now I feel really crappy, still, but I also still want to get my Florida on, you know? So in preparation, I bought some Sudafed and some EarPlanes (expensive tricky ear plug things) so I don't howl in unimaginable pain (oh but I can imagine, dear reader) as the airplane descends. I'm still worried about major ear pain. My thraot hurts just sitting here not swallowing or anything. Oy!! I am an idiot. Time to go to bed. I might get a chance to blog tomorrow, if not I'll see you Monday!

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