Sunday, April 13, 2003

I was in NYC for the weekend, in case you were wondering. I was mostly with just my sister and bro-in-law, though I did get to hang with S, Al, and their adorable 6-month-old son.
Some highlights:

On the drive down and back on the Merritt, I saw five live turkeys, two dead turkeys, and numerous jive turkeys.

The guy who slices the lox so thin you can read through it at the Blue Apron gourmet food shop is a "Master Slicer." He's like a famous specialist in slicing food.

Jackass was funny. Some parts fell flat, but during the roller disco truck segment I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

The Brooklyn Zoo was hoppin' on Saturday afternoon. I will post pictures next.

Little Italy only has expensive retaurants. It's like Italy at Epcot, but filled with actual Italian-Americans from Jersey smoking big cigars while walking with their big poofy wives. These were outnumbered by the tourists. We shared overpriced gelati and a stale sfaghiatelle (no idea how to spell that) at a corner cafe that was clerked by Latinos.

The carousel in Prospect Park is reopening later than they announced; come back in a couple of weeks.

Today, after S and S had to leave to catch a bus to Medieval Times (there's one in Northern New Jersey, to my horror) to celebrate my cousin's ninth birthday, I did a little walking around the Slope. I spent too much time at the excellent used clothing store on fifth, beacon's closet, where I bought a Michael Stars shirt (I'm starting to pay attention to labels, which is bad) and a Mossino (but probably from Target) miniskirt and Old Navy (I'm no snob) low-rise lightweight denim jeans. All for thirty bucks.This purchase was to make up for the hour-plus S and I spent in a crowded and unruly H&M in Manhattan without buying anything. When we finally slinked out we were confronted by S, who had been waiting for us outside, dying of boredom. We felt like guilty failures with a shopping compulsion. So I had to "succeed" the next day by finding something I wanted to buy. Fucked up, I know.

Anyway, on the Simpsons tonight, Marge and Homer go to Medieval Times! They were probably there while my family was there. This must mean something, right? The stars are aligned, or my karma has peaked, or whatever.

Okay. More later.

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