Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Guess what? Today is DeLurking Day, so dear reader, won't you please leave a comment using the handy link below??


Anonymous said...

I don't really know why just reading a person's blog is called "lurking." It's like reading a newspaper without writing a letter to the editor, ie., totally normal and expected. Anyway, here I am posting. It WOULD be cool if everyone who reads your blog posts you a comment this one time. Like, including our family members who aren't supposed to read it. Ha!
-- Sarah (yer sis)

Anonymous said...

Lurking also has this Sting "I'll be Watching You" connotation to it. Anyway, I'm up from the water!

Now it's back to mark twain.


Anonymous said...

but...but.....lurking is fun.

Inhale 13 said...

say, this link "is" handy.