Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I posted something about being uncool, but then decided it was stupid and hid it. Sorry charlies.


Anonymous said...

Is it because I commented on being uncool also? Did I drag the whole thing down? Dag!
- Sarah

av said...

The post wasn't cool enough I guess? Why is being cool so important? What's wrong with being horribly uncool? What is cool? Is it
being ahead of the pack
doing things other people aren't doing
being unique and not afraid of it
or being like others and not being afraid of it (everyone's wearing tweed)
doing what the kids are doing

is it really that uncool to go to Times Square for NYE? I know it's touristy, but is it really that uncool? Can't it be cool to be a tourist, if everyone wants to avoid being a tourist? I can enjoy touristy things, isn't that cool?

What is cool. Yeah.


debl said...

The post was pro-uncool, but by the end of it I was sounding more defensive than I liked. So I hid it. I might edit it and repost, we'll see.