Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hi. So did you have a good New Year's Eve? I did. There's no situation that isn't helped by wearing a silvery sequin tiara. I got a lot of positive feedback, mainly from drunkish people asking me if I was a princess, or the queen of 2005, or a fairy. I always answered yes. I had been dreading the magically awful moment at midnight when everyone happily kisses their loves, but it was totally fine after all; I just watched the confetti fall, and woo!-ed, and then I hugged everyone in arm's reach, and swigged some champagne from the bottle. And then we marched in the middle of the street back to the 11s to watch some more Spouse.

Among the more interesting parts of the evening was the high-speed police car chase that flew down Pleasant Street as I stood outside of the 11s at 2 a.m. If anyone knows what the hell that was all about, let me know. It was a night for fighting and recklessness; I missed the altercation outside of the Calvin that ended with the police shooting pepper spray at a guy who wouldn't get down on the ground. "Amateur drinkers," says my friend Penny. Word. For one night it was like we lived in an actual city.

And now we're firmly into January and I have yet to buy a calendar (full retail price is for chumps) and the holidays are over so it's time to move things along. I've begun making little plans (social engagements, appointments) so that I won't imagine the future as an expanse of tightrope I will be forced to traverse with no safety net beneath. This is what works for me.

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