Friday, January 21, 2005

I really lucked out and found almost an exact match to my car on a finished auction on eBay motors. So now I know what mine is worth, which means I can pay my grandmother that amount in exchange for her barely-used '97 Camry. Or I can try selling my car on eBay, too, though I doubt I'll get as much as this guy did. I have lower miles but more rust and other problems. And I don't want to rip off my grandmother, even though this is the deal she came up with. And then I'll, uh, unload my car somehow. Donate it? Sell it to my ex-stepdaughter for cheap? Junk it? Enter a demolition derby?

Speaking of grandmothers, both of mine have horrible widows' humps from osteoporosis. I pretty much have a constant ache in the middle of my back (between the shoulder blades) and all I can think about is how the vertabre there are forming tiny little fractures and healing in a curve (which is how the humps form). I bought some calcium supplement capsules yesterday but I'm a bit timid about taking them; these particular babies have hydrochloric acid in them to "aid absorption."* I am expecting it to wreak havoc with my digestive system, but I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

*Why is this word not spelled "absorbtion?" It's about the process of absorbing, not absorping, after all. Stupid sexy English.


av said...

You're getting a Camry? I'm so jealous! i love that car! Yeah, I'm not ashamed to admit that I love a Camry and not a fancy sportscar. I just got my faithful 90 Accord back from the shop yesterday, great shop btw, found it on's Mechan-X Files. Viewer rated. They charged me half what they originally quoted me and 1/4 what another dishonest shop quoted me. And, they had it done before they said they would. I love Hawkins auto, and also now i can hear the radio in my car.

MTB said...

Here's some stuff I know about calcium: get tablets with Vitamin D in them, because it helps absorption. (I don't know about this hydrochloric acid thing...) Up until a woman's mid-twenties, her body is building up a store of calcium, but then it levels off. But it's really good to take calcium supplements through your adult life, rather than waiting until the onset of osteoporosis.

debl said...

I think the ones I got have either Vvit. D or Magnesium in them - whatever it is, they say it helps absorbtion. The hydrochloric acid is a bonus aid, or something.

And as for the car: It's quite matronly, but big and comfortable. The two cars I've bought in my life have both been small, efficient hatchbacks, and I will miss the hatchback-ness. But it will be nice to have power windows and stuff again.

Anonymous said...

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