Friday, February 28, 2003

This weekend I feel the need to shed, shed, shed. I have too much stuff. I have a pile of crap I plan on eBaying, but at this point I may just give most of it to the Salvation Army. I need to be brutal with my wardrobe, since I don't wear about a third of what I own (which isn't too bad, as I try to regularly weed through my crap). I might end up giving away some of the things I keep because of the memories; a huge orange sweater I haven't worn for ten years, a tie-dyed shirt I haven't worn since college, big overalls covered with paint...

I need to feel more organized and streamlined. I'm currently the main person supporting (financially) my household and that makes me feel out of control (I do not make enough money to do this for much longer). Since I have no control over the money thing, at least I can obsessively sort things and throw stuff away! I'm sure that will make everything better! !!

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