Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Flappy Mirfbay to Me!

I am still in Brooklyn, and will be returning home later today (Tuesday). I already got loot from my parents, sister, and bro-in-law. I am now the proud owner of an iSight web camera, which means that if you IM me and I am feeling okay about it, I will invite you to a video-conference and you can watch me type messages to you. It gives one a thrill, like, "omigod we are totally LIVING the FUTURE!"

I also got a nice bracelet and some yarn and other craft supplies and tools. Also the Modest Mouse CD everyone has. And a salad spinner. And my mom made me one of the stained-glass-in-cement garden stone things she's been making for a couple of years. So that was all quite nice.


Anonymous said...

Flappy Mirfbay, Debl!

Re: Technology -- I remember when those visi-phones came out a long time ago (remember them? With the little black and white screen and you can send still pictures over the telephone?) People were so excited about this new technology. For three minutes.

But then they remembered: that means I'll have to shave and brush my hair every time someone calls. What a nightmare! What a dystopia!

Stop the madness!

-- S

Anonymous said...

Hey, happy birthday!

-Housecat DeVille.

Kelsey said...

Happy birthday!

debl said...

Thanks everybody!

I don't care how I look on the video-phone, so that's not a problem. Also: I get to choose who can see me, so it's not a scary big-brother thing where anyone who calls gets to watch me.